Internet Sensation and Bodybuilder Bradley Martyn Shares His Experience of Giving Up Pornography


Bradley Martyn is a fitness personality that has a following of 4.2 million on Instagram. He has gained a following for his insane strength in the gym and humorous videos. Recently, he shared a challenge for those who are trying to quit watching porn. If you are able to not watch porn for a year, he recommends that you put it on social media to see if others can do it as well.

Bradley Martyn, an internet sensation and bodybuilder, became famous for his unbelievable feats of strength and stunts he shared online. In a tweet, Martyn recently shared his experience of going without porn.

Martyn earned a reputation for his death-defying gym feats. Ronnie Coleman, an eight-time Mr. Olympia winner, and legendary bodybuilder weighed in on some of Martyn’s most insane lifts. Coleman described one of Martyn’s stunts (deadlifting 375 pounds on a hoverboard) as the most impressive thing he had.

In another video, Martyn cosplayed as Kratos from the PlayStation gaming series, God of War (the same costume and body paint worn by James Hollingshead). Bradley lifted an incredibly heavy 675-pound deadlift for one rep.

Martyn proceeded to lift bench-pressing weights in the middle of a busy highway.

Bradley Martyn talks about what he learned after not watching porn for more than a year

 Bradley Martyn has been speaking out against watching pornography as of late. He talked to his fans about a ‘no-fap’ challenge in multiple interviews last year.

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