Age Is Just a Number: Jean Titus Proves That at 50 & Beyond!

 Jean Titus, 50, from Washington DC, says he got into working out more than three decades ago when he was a college student-athlete. He now trains for an hour and a half, five days per week, and eats 3,400 calories per day in order to maintain his impressive physique.

Even though the dad-bod is popular right now, this middle-aged man is changing people's perception of what a father's physique should look like. Jean Titus, a 50-year-old fitness consultant from Washington DC, has an amazing physique that people half his age would be jealous of.

To keep his enviable physique, Titus exercises for 90 minutes, five days a week, and consumes a whopping 3,400 calories each day.

More than three decades ago, when Titus was in college as a student-athlete, he said he was a skinny kid before he started weightlifting. Jean, who has a 48-inch chest and 18-inch biceps, said his record lifts are 180kg (400lbs) for bench press, 200kg (440lbs) deadlift, and 210 (460lbs) squat.

But he clarified that he doesn't ego lift in the same way bodybuilders do; rather, he trains for performance and conditioning.

'What I consume is also really important to me,' he added. 'I'll eat four to five times a day, and on average 3,400 calories.'

Jean told of the reactions he gets to his physique from members of the public and his advice for anyone aspiring to improve their fitness.

He said that people are always surprised by how physically capable he is for his age. On a regular basis, he has people coming up to him asking about his workout and diet routine and complimenting his build.

If you’re looking to get into fitness, my advice is to focus on the daily tasks, fall in love with the process, and be consistent—most importantly.

You are the only one you need to compete against, strive to do better than you did yesterday, and with that attitude, you will reach your objectives eventually.

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