Champion Bodybuilder Reveals How He Helped "World's Fattest Boy" Lose 18 Stone


Ade Rai, a three-time world natural bodybuilding champion and highly acclaimed professional bodybuilder, helped the world's most obese child shed 252 lbs and regain a healthy body. Through a personalized exercise and diet plan, Aria Permana was able to achieve his goal and was given a second chance at life. Ade Rai's efforts have been widely praised, and he and Aria have established a strong bond beyond their trainer-student relationship.

A bodybuilder was up for the challenge of helping the world's most obese child through his weight loss journey - and managed to help him lose an extraordinary 18 stone (114 kg).

Before meeting Ade Rai and going on a fitness trip, the Indonesian boy, Aria Permana, weighed 31 stone or almost 200kg. He would spend his days playing video games and eating mostly processed food, such as instant noodles, and soda pop, consuming a total of around 7,000 calories per day.

Aria had to be bathed in a specially-built, small pool outside of his home because he couldn’t fit in a regular bathtub or shower. He would wrap a sarong around him because he couldn’t get regular clothes that would fit him.

One day, when Aria was 11 years old, he needed to be hospitalized for bariatric surgery. This is where he met Rai, a three-time world natural bodybuilding champion who owned a gym nearby.

Rai learned about Aria in the news and decided to visit and offer his help and expertise. He met the boy's family at the hospital and was greeted with "enthusiasm."So, they started collaborating, and eventually, not only did the child improve his diet and habits, but he also joined Rai's gym and started working out regularly.

Rai explained that, as Aria lives 3 hours away from the hospital, he gets to visit for regular checkups every two weeks.

"I started making it a point for him to visit my gym after every hospital routine visit, so we could measure his improvements. This way, I could give more input about the exercise plan, and rehearse new exercise moves to bring home and repeat.

He added that Aria loves going to the gym because it's like a "playground with many new fun things to do." Rai said, adding: "I'm relieved and glad for that."

Over the span of three years, Aria lost more than half his weight and is now between 13 and 14 stone. He’s developed a very close relationship with Rai, who said he treats Aria “like [his] nephew”

Rai stated that the young boy is extremely brave for the work he has done and added that he "goes through the journey so bravely and without any major complaints".

She continued: "He had always wanted to get back to a healthy weight so he can play football again."

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