Polish Viking - Instagram influencer spending a fortune to look 60. So are YOU a fan of his new look?

Fitness fanatic spends a fortune making himself look 2x his age to help win fans on social media - and his glamorous wife is very happy to be seen with an older man.

Pawel Ladziak from Poland has gone viral on social media for his deliberately aged appearance.

The personal trainer and fitness fanatic spends money dyeing his hair and beard snowy white and wears clothes that make him look like an elderly man.

He says the unusual look has helped him gain a large following on social media with many people regularly asking his age and some even thinking he is in his 60s.

For this young fitness enthusiast, the day when he starts to grey and grow older is something he eagerly awaits. Many men live in fear of this moment but for him, it’s a welcome change.

Polish man Pawel Ladziak spends a lot of money on making himself look older by dying his well-groomed hair and beard a perfect shade of snowy white.

The personal trainer who sometimes gets mistaken for a pensioner purposefully ages himself in order to maintain his devoted following on Instagram – believing his unusual look sets him apart from other online stars.

Magda Pawel's wife who is known online as the "Polish Viking" seems more than happy to pose with her "older man". Pawel who goes by the online moniker of the "Polish Viking" explained to the Polish website Wirtualna Polska that he dyed his hair a few years ago after noticing that grey hair was beginning to show up.

Pawel has always been a fan of the gym but it wasn't until he dyed his hair bright white that he started to gain a large following on social media. Pawel credits his new look with his newfound love of the gym and says he enjoys seeing all the positive comments from people who appreciate his hard work.

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